This is a 4-Man Team tournament.

Teams will be made up by the tournament committee.



Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round.

Team members tee off from flight assigned tees.

Flight A & B players from the white tees, Flight C players from the green tees.



Scorecards will be prepared by tournament committee.

Each player’s handicap strokes will be indicated by dots for each hole.

Enter the GROSS SCORE and NET SCORE for each player.

Team must use at least one score from each team member. 



Team scoring is as follows:

On par 5, Hole #1 – Enter the single best individual score.

On par 4’s, Holes #2, #3, #5, #6, #8 & #9 – Enter the total of the two best scores.

On par 3’s, Holes #4 & #7 – Enter the total of the three best scores.

In the event of ties, club tie breaker rules will be applied.

Payouts will be made to top seven (7) teams.



Flight winners will be determined based on player’s individual flight assignment.

Awards will be made in 3 Flights; A, B and C.


Sign scorecard and place in green box.

Do not enter individual gross score in computer unless you have completed all holes.

    4-Man Team 514233 Tournament Results  
    14-Aug-19       Course 3  
          Team       Net Score   Award  
  1st Chi-Chi Wang   54   $60.00  
    Leonard Lin          
    Edmond Cheng          
    Charlie Claxton          
  2nd Bob Stout   54   $48.00  
    John McClure          
    Don Gilbert          
    Don Cole          
  3rd Rick Gehman   57   $40.00  
    Won Chang          
    John Wurmlinger          
    Stan Schleider          
  4th Randy Smith   57   $32.00  
    John Marshall          
    Pete Fox          
    Fred Perrault          
  5th Gary Warren   57   $28.00  
    Tim Pointer          
    Larry Leang          
    Carl Linkes          
  6th Tom Seefurth   57   $24.00  
    Terry Holloway          
    Mark Nussbaum          
    Paul Jones          
  7th Clark Yeager   57   $20.00  
    Chuck Hale          
    Mike Campbell          
    Sam Hariri          
        Closest-to-pin (Hole 4)  
    Rick Gehman   4' 5"   $5.00  
    Mike Kupperman   9' 4"   $5.00  
    Anish Mohindru   3' 9"   $5.00  
        Closest-to-pin (Hole 7)  
    Tim Pointer   3' 8"   $5.00  
    John Dillon   15' 3"   $5.00  
    …….   …….   …….