Men's 9-Hole Club Compendium

(Updated December 2019)


This is a summary of the activities, membership and processes for the Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club. It is primarily for new members to acquaint them with our club and procedures.


Membership – membership is currently unlimited – we are at about 130 active now. Requirement is to be a resident or have a lease of 6 months or longer. Yearly dues are now $35; $18 if you join after 1 July. If you join in November or December, your $35 is good to the end of year, and through December of the following year.

          You can belong to only one men’s golf club at a time – either the 9-hole or the 18-hole men’s golf club.

          If you have a current handicap when you join, it will be used and you will be eligible for tournament prizes. If it is an 18-hole handicap, it will be divided by 2. Without an initial handicap, you must play and post at least 5 rounds with a current member to receive a handicap – it will better reflect your skill as the number of rounds approaches 20.

          New members will receive a Membership Manual, and this document.


Flights and Handicaps – we are organized into 3 flights – A,B,C. These are distinguished by player’s handicap. The handicaps are computed by USGA formula/rules and are the same as those of the SCGA and other organizations. We are not members of the SCGA, so our handicaps are not officially recognized by them. The last 20 rounds are used to compute the handicap and we update all handicaps each month on the first of the month. That handicap will be used for the entire month.

We use 2 tee positions for play – White tee for Flights A and B, Green tee for Flight C.

Tournament Play – each Wednesday we have tournament play – except for a few open dates during the year (course maintenance, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc). We pay $1 for the play, which goes to prize money. Prizes are awarded in each Flight – by net and gross strokes. We also have prizes in each flight for various skills on 2 or 3 particular holes. We play on all 3 courses, but mostly on course 3.

About one Wednesday each month we have a Major tournament for $5 play. These are typically Scrambles, Best Ball Partner, Mixer with Ladies Club, President’s Cup, Club Championship. See the web site for the Major Tournament schedule.


Posting Scores – you should post all rounds played, whether on a Wednesday or not. We have a posting computer in the foyer outside the pro shop by the elevators. The computer is used for the 9-hole Men’s and Women’s clubs. Be sure you enter your score into the correct course and color tee played.

Someone can help you make your first entry – instead of entering the round on the computer, you can write the entry on the clipboard at the computer – your round will be entered for you later.

The Gross score is your actual score.


Bulletin Board and Web Site – we post all information pertaining to the club operations on our bulletin board (Men’s 9-Hole) and our web site. The web site address is:


At these 2 places you will find:

          Starting times for next tournament, results from latest tournaments, announcements for upcoming events, reminders for needed action on your part, handicaps, most-improved golfers, club officials, golf course information/phone numbers, course numbers to be played, Major Tournaments for the year, contacts.


Wednesday Signups – each Wednesday when you sign in (Club Room 2), you can sign up for the following week’s tournament. If you fail to sign up that day, you can do a late signup by calling or emailing Rick Gehman at 610-721-2730 or Note that you must sign in at the CR-2 desk before play on Wednesdays in order to qualify for awards.


Activities and Events – on the 2nd Tuesday of odd-numbered months, we have a membership breakfast meeting at CH-2, Sequoia Room at 8:30. These are not to be missed – a $6.00 subsidized breakfast by Jolanda, a guest speaker and reports from the club officials. A putting contest follows, if possible.

On the 1st Tuesday of even-numbered months, we have a board meeting of all club officials – all members are invited to attend. We are now meeting at 9:00 at CH-2, Los Olivos Room.

 Each year we have a luncheon catered by the 19 Restaurant following the final shotgun round for the players in the President’s Cup in May, and the Club Championship in October. Awards are presented for the year.

Hole-in-one club - $2 to join. A hole in one at the 27-hole course, playing with and verified by a member claims the pot ($50 minimum). A new pot will be started thereafter.


Club Officials – 2020 officials are:
President – Rick Gehman (Start Times/Rules) – 610-721-2730
Vice-President – Jim Keitges (Programs) – 949-546-5718

Secretary – Frank Hulewat – 440-725-7539

Treasurer – Joe Rhodes – 703-969-9448

Director – Leonard Paganini (Tournaments) – 630-667-7355

Director – Don Beckhart (Bartender) – 949-540-9703

Director – Bob Keeler (Membership, Roster Book) – 949-413-7485

Director – Dave Emal (Welcoming, Banquets, Desk Schedule, Publicity) – 909-260-3936

Director – John Marshall – 630-747-6599

Director – Marv Lemmon – 949-581-5931

          Other volunteers:

·       Chuck Hale – Photographer – 949-770-4589

·       Frank Harrison – Web Site, Handicaps – 949-855-9330

·       Various members to man the check-in desk on Wednesdays


Golf Etiquette

·       Play ready golf – get to your ball quickly and be ready to hit when it is your turn

·       Avoid slow play – keep up with the group in front of you

·       No gimmees – you must putt out

·       No Mulligans – play the ball you hit

·       No Nudgees – play the ball as it lies

·       Improved lies – only when carts restricted to paths

·       Fill fairway divots and repair ball marks on green – rake bunkers properly

·       Distance-finding equipment may be used for tournament and casual play. This equipment must be only capable of providing distances, and not slope, wind, etc.