ABC Best Ball

This is a 3 person team best ball (2 best balls) event
The tournament committee will make up the teams and scorecards
Each player signs up to play - the handicaps will be used to make up teams  

Each team will have one player from each flight,
or as close as possible
Teams will have approximately the same average handicap

    Flight A players use White tees,
    Flight B players use White tees,
    Flight C players use Green tees,

In play, the team score for each hole will be the sum of the lowest 2 net scores
Individual handicaps are used and will be indicated by dots on the scorecards for each player for each hole
Record each player's actual score and net score on each hole,
and determine the sum of the lowest 2 net scores for the team 

Enter the result on the scorecard

At finish, total the result of each hole for a final team net score

On closest-to-pin hole - individual winners each flight
After play, 2 players will sign and attest the scorecard and deposit in Green box 


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  Men's 9-Hole Golf Club  
  Results - ABC Best Ball  
  2 Balls - Net  
18-Oct-17   Course 3
Winners Net Score Awards  
Folmer Starr 52 $60
Marv Lemmon    
Frank Harrison    
Gary Warren 53 $42
Randy Smith    
Jim Burge    
Chuck Sonderman 54 $36
Edmond Cheng    
Sam Bidner    
Don Kennedy 54 $30
Mike Cunningham    
Dana Ward    
Norm Burger 54 $27
Stephen Gray    
Dwayne Thompson    
Chuck Hale 55 $24
Tom Jeavons    
Ted Ghanshani    
Len Paganini 56 $21
Mike Wilson    
Venny Rao    
JJ Montegnies 5' 4" $5
Tom Jeavons 12' 8" $5
Don Beckhart 10' 6" $5
  Closest - 2nd Shot  
John Andera 17' $5
Mike Cunningham 23' 11" $5
Jack Hruby 51' 10" $5