Golf Rules and Etiquette

Carry sand for divots and tool for ball marks, and use them
Observe cart path restrictions
Respect marshalls when they advise you - they are enforcing GRF rules
Don't step on another player's putting line


No Gimmees, No Mulligans, No Nudgees

All putts must be holed-out, and no 2nd shots on Wednesdays
Don't nudge your ball to a better lie

Call up on par 3's

After reaching green, if all following players are on the tee,
you should let them hit their tee shots before putting out

Play Ready Golf

Keep up with the group ahead of you; be ready to hit when your turn

Green Box

The green box is for scorecards ONLY on tournament Wednesdays
- on other days, destroy your card after entering your scores

Tee Selection

Flight A plays from the White tee
Flight B plays from the White tee
Flight C plays from the White tee
Flight D plays from the Green tee

Preferred Lies

Lift, clean and place only when the hole is cart-path restricted due to wet conditions

Max score - Triple Bogey

After hitting triple bogey strokes, pick up ball and record that score
For Par 3s - Max is 6 strokes
For Par 4s - Max is 7 strokes
For Par 5s - Max is 8 strokes