2021 Board of Directors and Officers
President  Mark Nussbaum 714-907-5434 nuss23@outlook.com  Term Expires-2023
Vice-President  Jim Keitges 949-546-5718 mmkeitges@gmail.com   Term Expires-2021
Secretary  Frank Hulewat 440-725-7539 fhulewat@gmail.com  Term Expires-2022
Treasurer  Joe Rhodes 703-969-9448 cmjr1965@gmail.com  Term Expires-2021
Director  Don Beckhart 949-540-9703 beckhart.don@gmail.com   Term Expires-2022
Director  John Marshall 630-747-6599 jsmarshall62@yahoo.com  Term Expires-2022
Director  Rick Gehman 610-721-2730 richardgehman@gmail.com  Term Expires-2022
Director  Len  Paganini 630-667-7355 lenpaganini@comline.com  Term Expires-2021
Director  Marv Lemmon 949-581-5931 marlemmon@fea.net  Term Expires-2021