Laguna Woods Village Men's 9 Hole Golf Club


Our club is organized to stimulate sportsmanlike interest in golf through the conducting of 9-hole tournaments and special events and to promote and conserve the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its' ancient and honorable traditions.

Membership is open to men who are owner residents and who are members of the Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods Village and can demonstrate knowledge of the game of golf.  Lessees who show proof of a minimum of six months long term lease may be considered for membership.

                                   Club Activities


Pace of Play

Play Ready golf

Keep up with group ahead of you;

if you cannot see them, you are behind

Visit golf bag only once per shot - put one back; take one

Do scoring on next tee - clear the green quickly

Current News

Next Major Tournament

Wednesday, 4 December

Med-Ex Playoff Dates

11, 18 December
Course 3

Minutes of Board Meetings

February/2018 Board Meeting
April/2018 Board Meeting
June/2018 Board Meeting

August/2018 Board Meeting
October/2018 Board Meeting
December/2018 Board Meeting
February/2019 Board Minutes
April/2019 Board Minutes
June/2019 Board Minutes
August/2019 Board Minutes
October/2019 Board Minutes

Greens and Racquets

Next meeting - 20 May, 2019; Village Greens, CR-1, 11:00 am

Latest Meeting Minutes.
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Welcome Resident Guest Golfers
If you are interested in maybe joining our club,
you are welcome to play with us on any Wednesday -
see if you care to join
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2019 Board Members

Rick Gehman - President
Jim Keitges - Vice President
Joe Rhodes - Secretary
Joe Rhodes - Treasurer
Don Beckhart - Director
Randy Smith - Director
Leonard Paganini - Director
Bob Keeler - Director
Jeffrey Wu - Director
Dave Emal - Director
Leonard Lin - Director
Marv Lemmon - Director

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