The Med-Ex Cup

Competition will be conducted in three flights over the calendar year.
Points will be accumulated based on dollars won in regular and major tournaments, plus putting contests.
Each dollar won will be converted into points and standings will be published weekly.

Players will maintain points awarded when moving between flights.

The top eight players and ties in each flight will compete in a playoff over a two-week period in December.
Points will be reset to zero for the playoffs and the eight players will compete in an individual net score competition.
The eight players will be seeded and play in two foursomes.

After the first week of the playoffs the field will be reduced to the top 4 in each flight. Ties to be settled by regular club rules.

Week two will feature the top 4 players in each flight competing together for the Med-Ex Cup perpetual trophy.


Playoff Winners:
Flight A - Clark Yeager(2017), Joe Rhodes(2018), Dana Ward(2019)
Flight B - Randy Smith(2017), Bob Carpenter(2018), John Dillon(2019)
  Flight C - Marv Lemmon(2017), Doug Edwards(2018), Charlie Claxton(2019)