The tournament committee will make up the teams and scorecards.

Team handicap will be average of team members individual handicap.



Players will tee off from the tee (White or Green) that they normally tee off from.
After tee-off, pick to best ball subject to the constraints below.


         A minimum of one (1) drive of each team member must be used.

A maximum of four (4) drives of any one team member may be used.

Indicate on scorecard, the team members drive used with an X.


       On the fairway/rough, the player whose ball is used will not hit next shot. The other 3 players will hit and go to the best ball, and repeat


       On green all players will putt.


       If a team has only three players, play only three balls, no extra ball for a fourth player.



All tee shots count.   Individual winner for flights A,B and C.



Enter the resulting score on the scorecard.

Two players must sign and attest the scorecard and deposit in Green Box

    4-Man Team Scramble Tournament Results
    4-Apr-18       Course 3  
          Team       Net Score   Award  
  1st Gary Warren   18.5   $60.00  
    Mark Nussbaum          
    Charlie Claxton          
    Don Gilbert          
  2nd Stan Levin   19.5   $48.00  
    John Andera          
    Lloyd Woodson          
    Marv Lemmon          
  3rd Bob Allen   20.75   $44.00  
    Len Peverieri          
    Tony Tarvin          
    Gil Rowland          
  4th Randy Smith   21.75   $40.00  
    Frank Harrison          
    Bob Carpenter          
    Bill Petkewicz          
  5th Len Paganini   21.75   $36.00  
    Dave Emal          
    Ed Verstraete          
    Don Goldberg          
  6th Darryl Hithe   21.75   $32.00  
    Dwayne Thompson          
    Joe Rhodes          
    Doug Edwards          
  7th Norm Burger   22   $28.00  
    Don Kennedy          
    John Dillon          
    Stan Schleider          
    Dana Ward   8' 8"   $5.00  
    Leonard Lin   13' 7"   $5.00  
    Buck Chamblin   20'   $5.00  
    Rick Gehman   27' 10"   $5.00  
    Lloyd Woodson   25' 3"   $5.00  
    …….   …….   …….