Laguna Woods Men’s 9 Hole Golf Club

 Club Rules and Changes for 2019

Club Length Defined- Club length is defined as your driver. If you do not carry a driver, it is the longest club in your bag (NO PUTTERS ARE PERMITTED)

Lost Ball or Out of Bounds Ball- Move your ball to the edge of the fairway where your ball was lost or went out of bounds, with reasonable certainty, and drop ball within 2 club lengths into fairway, no closer to the hole. 2 shot penalty.                                       Stroke and Distance Option Rule- Replay from where ball was hit-1 shot penalty

Bunker Option-If your ball lands in a bunker you may elect to remove the ball from the bunker and drop ball within 2 club lengths outside the bunker, no closer to the hole. 2 shot Penalty.

Ground Under Repair- Area must be marked as Ground Under Repair-move ball 2 club lengths from area no closer to hole-No Penalty (Includes grass cuttings, leaves and any other material piled for later removal).

Flower Beds- Flower beds MUST be posted with sign. Drop ball within 1 club length no closer to hole. No Penalty

Mulch Areas- Areas where mulch is created for water savings measures and any other mulch areas are no longer free drop areas. Play the ball from the mulch. Mulch is treated as loose impediments and mulch may be moved, without moving ball.

Penalty Areas- Previously known as Hazard Areas. If a ball lands in a Penalty Area, marked with Red Top Stakes, the player may move ball 2 club lengths from area, no closer to hole. 1 Shot Penalty.

Staked Trees – Young trees identified by stakes and wires that provide support to the tree are no play zones:  If a player’s ball lies anywhere on the course other than in a penalty area and it lies on or touches such a tree, stake or wire and  interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player must take closest relief 2 club lengths no nearer the hole. No Penalty.

Sprinkler Head Relief Area Around Greens- If a sprinkler head interferes with the players line of play, but only if the sprinkler head is within two club-lengths from the green and the player’s ball is within two club-lengths from the sprinkler head, the player may lift, clean and drop his ball, at the nearest point of relief, 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole. No Penalty.

Abnormal conditions – relief may be taken from the following abnormal conditions – sod seams on or off the green, edging grooves around greens, aeration holes on or off the green. Take closest relief no nearer the hole.

Embedded Ball- When your ball is embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground, you may take free relief by dropping the original ball or another ball within 1 club length measured radially from a point directly behind where the ball is embedded and no nearer the hole. You may clean your ball. No Penalty.

Maximum Score- The maximum score on any hole is Triple Bogey. Once a Triple Bogey is obtained, pick up and record a score of Triple Bogey. ESC Adjustment still applies if less than Triple Bogey.

Putting Green Damage-You may now repair green damage without penalty (ball marks, spike marks, animal damage etc.)

Flag Stick- It is no longer a penalty if your ball strikes the Flag Stick while putting and is still in the hole.

Ball Accidently Struck Replace Ball-No Penalty.

Ball Drop-Drop Ball from knee level-No longer from shoulder height.

Preferred Lies- Only on holes where carts are restricted to the cart paths due to wet and muddy conditions, a ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of the original lie, no nearer the hole. 

Lost Balls- There is 3-minute limit when looking for a lost ball.