TO: New and Renewing Members                                                      FROM: Membership Chairman

SUBJECT: Application for Membership

Welcome to the Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club. In order for us to process your application for membership, you must complete the form below. Your cooperation in this request is appreciated. Our year runs from January 1 through December 31. The dues are $35.00 for the year ($18.00 after June).  Joining in Nov. or Dec. and paying the annual dues gives you membership for those two months plus the entire following year. 

Membership is open to all male residents of Laguna Woods Village, including lessees of six months or more.  A “playing member” can be a “playing member” in only one organized Laguna Woods Village Golf Club.

Associate members are those who have been playing members but no longer play. They can participate in all non-playing events The Associate dues are $18.

If you have an approved handicap (SCGA, NCGA, or the 18 Hole Golf Club), we will use ½ of that and you may participate in the tournaments and prizes immediately.  If you don’t have a handicap, you must play five qualifying rounds of golf with and attested by an existing playing member and enter the gross scores in the computer.  The software will then calculate your handicap.  The prospective member must not exceed the following scores in each of his qualifying rounds: 61 on course 3, 62 on course 2, or 63 on course 1.  If you play your qualifying rounds during the Wednesday tournaments, you do have to pay the club fee ($1) but you do not qualify for prizes until you have a handicap.  

Each Wednesday is tournament day.  Sign up for a tee time at the sign-in desk for the following week and pay the Club fee.  (Late sign-ups or cancellations can be made by calling or emailing Rick Gehman at 610-721-2730,  Check in at the desk not later than ½ hour before your tee time.  Also check in with the starter and pay their fee(s).  If you are unable to play on the day of the tournament, you must call 597-4276 and cancel early Wednesday morning before your tee time.  In order to receive a refund of a paid fee for a Major Tournament, you must cancel before 5 PM on the Monday before the tournament.  Fees for regular Wednesday play are non-refundable.

Please make out your check to:  Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club, and mail with your Application to: Roger Landis, 5231 Moya

There is a wealth of information (handicaps, tee times, tournament rules, tournament winners, etc.) available on our web site at  You are strongly encouraged to visit the site for more information about our club.  If you have any questions, call me at 699-2716.

     New Member___ Associate Member___           Your check number _________ Amt $_____

Last Name ________________________________________________________First _____________________________________

                                                          Please  Print   -   as you want it to appear in the roster book

     Wife’s First Name ____________________________                   Yes, I have a golf cart  ___     No golf cart ___

Address _____________________________________________________           Home Phone _______________________

E-mail address ________________________________________________          Cell Phone _________________________         

New Members:  Your Club handicap will be established in our computer, once your name has been added to the roster.  If you have an

approved (SCGA, NCGA, 18 Hole Golf Club) handicap, what is it?_________

      Would you be willing to assist your club by serving on one of our committees?  Yes ___   No ___ 

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