Greetings to all returning and new members.

2020 was a year like no other. We began the year with a roster of 120 members. Our weekly tournaments and our January and March Breakfast meetings were enjoyed by all participants.  However, all activities were halted mid- March due to the severity of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Following 2 months of quarantine we returned to Wednesday golf on May 13. However, due to restrictions established by VMS to keep everyone safe, it was open play only. All other Club activities were on hold.

Beginning October 14, we resumed playing tournaments. Since other club activities were still restricted due to COVID 19, tournament entry fees were waived. Over 100 players each week have been enjoying the opportunity to play and compete in our weekly tournaments.

We are all looking forward to a relaxation of current COVID restrictions at which time we will be able to resume Breakfast Meetings, luncheons following our Presidents Cup and Club Championship, and End of Summer Barbeque.  

We would like to thank Rick Gehman for his two years of service as our club President and who will remain on the Board of Directors for 2021.

We would also like to thank Jim Keitges, Joe Rhodes, Frank Hulewat, John Marshall and Don Beckhart who will also remain on the Board of Directors.

And a special thanks once again to Len Paganini and Frank Harrison for their many years of hard work and continuing service on the Board of Directors.

Retiring from the Board of Directors are Dave Emal, Marv Lemmon and Bob Keeler -  we thank them for their service.

We have many opportunities for club member participation. Please feel free to contact any one of us with your thoughts and ideas.

Mark Nussbaum

2021 President

 Former Presidents: (from 1996)

          Mac Rosen – 3 years

            Sy Schwartzberg – 3 years

            Sid Chattler

            Ed Margolis

            Ed Fuller

            Wally Henningson

            Roger Hove – 2 years

            Howard Baumann – 2 years

            Marv Lemmon – 4 years

            Art Shafer

            Rick Bradford

            Chuck Sonderman – 2 Years

            Scott Breunsbach – 2 years
            Rick Gehman – 2 years